Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Ours is a typical 1920's bungalow with the crown molding, frames around the windows, and wonderful wood floors throughout the house. Our decor is constantly changing as we bring in and sell off pieces for my vintage shop on etsy. We also have a lot of kids trapesing through the house on a regular basis, so we try and keep things simple.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kids Rooms

Since the kids' rooms are upstairs, we don't do much in there except sleep and read. I didn't really plan their rooms to be blue and pink but it just turned out that way! They both love to try out our new wall graphic sets as soon as they are printed, and the ones they have liked best have stayed in their rooms.

Sid's Room:
All the furniture in his room are buys from garage sales or charity shops. My favourite picture is the Hindi Alphabet chart that we brought back from our last trip. Like most little boys, he loves to collect sticks, stones, feathers, and all kinds of curious objects. He uses the various containers I find to house these collections. I'm still looking for the right storage solution for his room - waiting for Ikea to come to Tampa!

Anya's Room:
She loves pink, can you tell?! Her bed is actually a sofabed from Ikea that is now discontinued. The bedcover is from India in bright pink silk. The rug is a gift from my sister when Anya was born. Anya chose the little wardrobe for her room on one of our thrifting trips together and I have to say it is perfect for her. Just her size, and the perfect design. The large picture above her bed are from the portrait day we had at our house when we all had the flu - we painted pictures of each other and some self portraits too. It's not very good in the artistic sense, but it's a fun memory for us. The little framed pictures are postcards from wee wonderfuls.


Typical of a 1920's house, we have a small galley kitchen with two rows of cabinets. There's a large window on one side which brings in a lot of natural light. The floors are the bane of my hubby's existence, we love the cork, but the sliding floors came apart where the dishwasher is - I guess because of the moisture. Next time we will try cork tile which glues down. Any feedback on this would be great! The adjoining room is the mudroom where I keep all the stuff for my vintage shop. The floors of the mudroom are raw wood which I use to photograph many of my products against.

Dining Room

This is the room we spend most of our time in. It has lots of great windows making it so bright and cheerful. We eat, work and play in here. I found the dining table with 6 chairs at Salvation Army for $80! The table has a veneer on it which makes the top unattractive, but the amount of paint and food stains I have wiped off easily has made me forgive it for that. My desk is also in this room, found on eBay. It's compact and cute and perfect! The banyan tree tile set is made by our friend Josh Johnson who makes craftsman tile. The boy and girl print is my very first purchase off etsy, from the Black Apple shop. Ever since I saw Lisa Congdon's plate wall, I wanted one too! I started to collect plates, but as I went along I realised how difficult it was to find a cohesive set (= even more admiration for Lisa's wall). So I decided to make mine myself, and I think the result is more of what I wanted.

Living Room

The large painting on the wall is an original Indian Warli Folk Art painting my mother gave me. The extra long vintage couch (almost 9 feet) is perfect for a Saturday afternoon nap. We got the bench in NY on Craigslist for a trade show prop. The fireplace dollhouse that we created for our daughter was reproduced by Cookie Magazine in one of their Smart Cookie features. The wall display unit is from London, again, a trade show prop that Dave bought when he attended the Top Drawer show there. This unit also holds different tiny items from my shop, so it looks different all the time as I cycle out things that sell.